Yukon Solitaire Strategy

July 30th, 2010

Yukon Solitaire got you down? Want a lil advice on how to play this particularly challenging card game? Well, here's a few tips from the master...

Though the object of this solitaire card game is to get all cards in the tableau into the four foundations on the right, this goal should not necessarily be your initial task. The first thing you should do is try to reveal as many flipped cards in the tableau as possible--no matter what the cost! The more cards you have flipped, the greater your chances are of beating this game.

Another good tip is to ALWAYS try to reduce a column down to zero cards, creating an "open space", before trying to reveal flipped cards that have a lot of cards stacked beneath them. Open spaces are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT, because they allow you to move any kings you come accross to separate piles--allowing you to access the juicy, flipped cards beneath them.

Once you have all (or nearly all) of the cards flipped, you can concentrate of actually beating the game. Have fun!

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